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“The Guy With the Star Earring”

“The Guy With the Star Earring”

“The Guy With the Star Earring”I’ll talk about this guy I had the chance to interview while in Louisiana.  The US and mostly the South (Florida, Texas, Louisiana, etc) knows the famous “GUY WITH THE STAR EARRING”.That’s how everyone calls him, even with his name being known as Saint Landry Onuoha everybody still calls him like that. Saint Landry Onuoha as his instagram name(@landry onuoha) says is originally from  Cameroon, a country in the middle of Africa. It is crazy, litteraly insane how this guy became famous in less than a year, few months. He might or might not know the impact he could have and how famous he could have beenIMG_3348IMG_3349 with his Charisma, Unique Style, his Hair, infact everything about this guy is Awesome. Let’s talk about what really made him known that much, a concept he probably thought about, walking with a “Star Earring”. For a guy to wear a star earring you there’s gonna be judgements, prejudice because this is a girl thing but this guy here didn’t care he still rocked it and you might wanna guess how dope he was with it. He didn’t even need to present himself, all around he was known as “the guy with the star earring”